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الانفرتر الذكي - تتميز الانفرترات بالقوة والنعومة والبرامج الذكية - مواصفات عالية - دقة في الاداء - تصميم رائع - تتوفر بجميع الاحجام


Inverter with charger 500W-1000W-2000W-3000W-4000W-5000W-6000W-8000W Power Sun-W
Product Characteristic High Efficiency/Energy Saving Low self-Consumption below 1.2A.It can reach zero at energy saving mode. Make sure the load capacity is above 200W.or the inverter can not be restarted automatically Leading energy saving technology With the AVR function.AC voltage fluctuated is within +-5% Pure sine wave Extreme overload capacity and super load capacity Working Appliance:Air-conditioners.refrigerators.water and other household appliances and office appliances etc. Durable. LF transformer technology is suitable for the poor working conditions or where the grid power is not stable LED display LCD display optional DC reverse polarity protection


VMI-I  series  of inverters  is  designed to  fulfill  the demands  for  office automation  and computerization,adjust to the space and position of installation, and eliminate the impact ofnoise they produce. The inverters feature small size, low noise, high stability and easy operation,  and  continue the  excellent  quality and  outstanding  performance that  our products always retain.This series of inverters adopts IGBT power unit, and is equipped with IGBTdrive chip and especially designed control circuit. There fore, our inverterswill ensure that your precision electric equipment presents the best effects

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